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Lectura de Yliana Iruegas en el Sanmillano 2011

June 25, 2011

Yliana Uriegas



June 24, 2011

The water disappeared. We didn´t understand. Why would there be no more water? Nobody knew. We looked for it. No luck; it wasn´t there anymore. We called Dr. Water Seeker. Not even he, with his magic branches and mystic forks, could find where the water had decided to go.

Then, the water came; a water rush. The haste, the hurry; the water scraped, scratched and tore the ground with its claws. The adobe cemetery walls that stood for a hundred and fifty years came grumbling down. The coffins, with their bodies, floated away. The dead did not want to drown. The living felt anger, how would they recognize what was left of their loved ones now?

After twelve days of rain, the townspeople started to prepare for their funerals. Tourists, who had come for a day, like under a spell, began to form lines in an endless procession; they were in an urge to prepare their funeral too. They felt the dark repression, the immeasurable sadness which emanated from the never-ending rain.

Journalists began to arrive. Six months of incalculable water; people began to call it a deluge. The police and the military could not penetrate the torrent. They could not even find the “beginning”, or “end” of the flood. How would they explain this to the world?

The water left as quickly as it had arrived. The people, as well as the town, were no longer there. The streets, the bridges and houses were gone. The authorities say they left with the water; the ones who were are not any more. Nothing further could be deduced. All that´s left is mud.

Yliana Uriegas